Tooth-friendly stocking stuffers for the family

Tooth-friendly stocking stuffersHung by the chimney with care, stockings typically hold the best bite-size gifts of the holiday. Unfortunately, the majority are filled with tins of licorice, bags of butterscotch, and chocolates in the shape of Christmas trees. This year, skip the sweets and fill the stockings with healthy, tooth-friendly goodies that will still excite the whole family.


Some of my favorite fillers include:


  1. Flavored dental floss  Floss doesn’t just come in mint anymore. Buy some in wacky flavors like cupcake or bacon to get younger family members excited to use them.
  2. Musical toothbrush  Turn teeth-brushing time into a jam session for kids with the ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes toothbrush. This cool gadget plays two minutes of a favorite song, helping kids know exactly how long they need to be scrubbing.
  3. Teeth whitening kit  Whether it’s an over-the-counter package or a gift certificate for a professional teeth whitening at the dentist, this gift will keep a loved one’s pearly whites sparkling throughout the New Year.
  4. Cool toothbrush holder These are great for travel during the holiday season and into 2014. A jungle-themed holder, like this one, is perfect for the kids.
  5. The latest, greatest chewing gum Pick up some packs that have the natural sweetener Xylitol. It’s been shown to help prevent tooth decay.

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