How to buy a lunch box that pleases everyone

LunchboxWhile you care about what goes into your child’s lunch box, most kids only care about how it looks. From the kindergartener who demands a cartoon-themed container to the high school “fashionista” who insists on a Vera Bradley tote, kids can make it hard for parents to find the right compromise to pack a healthy lunch!

As you enter into negotiations, consider these tips to make sure you buy a lunch box that allows for easy packing and travel to-and-from school:

  • Size: The lunch box has to be large enough to accommodate your child’s typical lunch and a drink if you’d like to include one. Plus, the box should have enough room for an ice pack to keep foods cold.
  • Sturdiness: The lunch box should be sturdy and include containers with leak-proof lids. Have you ever seen your kiddo toss their lunch box on the ground or to a friend? Imagine the rollercoaster ride your carefully packed meal must endure! You need something that isn’t going to break or leak when it does get tossed around.
  • Accessories: It should include a steel thermos with a wide opening to fit soup, stew, chili or hearty pasta dishes. This makes it easier to pack hot meals during colder months.

Be sure to remind your child to bring their lunch box home so you can immediately get it washed, dried and ready for the next day. Depending on your child’s age, this can even be one of their responsibilities.

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