Keep Your Thumb Green This Winter with Indoor Gardening!

greenGardening is America’s number one hobby and it’s no wonder why – many claim health benefits ranging from lowering cholesterol to keeping gardeners looking and feeling young.  While there aren’t enough scientific studies to prove out these health benefits, we can’t deny Michiganders love to tend to their plants, fruits and vegetables and reap the rewards… year-round.

Just because it’s cold and there’s a chance of snow doesn’t mean you can’t get started now – start an indoor garden!  Indoor gardening can contribute to a variety of health resolutions for 2012 – from saving money and lowering grocery bills to healthy eating and starting new positive, active habits.


A small herb garden is a great start to winter gardening.  They grow well indoors and require little to no effort to maintain – all they need to flourish is water and sunlight!  The best herbs for cooler months are mint, rosemary, chives and cilantro.  Keep them in the kitchen if you can, and snip when you’re preparing dinner for a fresh add to any meal!


Some hearty vegetables aren’t too difficult to grow indoors.  While a seasoned gardener can raise anything from radishes and Swiss chard to eggplant and small-rooted carrots, start small (and simple) with cherry tomatoes.  They’re expensive at the grocery store this time of year and add so much flavor to salads, side dishes and more!  They’ll grow quickly, need sunlight and water, and will flourish throughout the winter months.

Want to test the waters with a houseplant before taking the plunge to gardening?  Check out this top ten list of house plants if you’re looking for a few recommendations for beginners or visit our Healthy Blue Xtras partners who offer savings (and great tips) to Blues members, including English Gardens.

Photo Credit: Sarah (Rosenau) Korf

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