Sweating Solo? 5 Benefits of Group Workouts

Everyone knows that regular exercise is essential for a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle, and everyone also knows how hard it can be to incorporate working out into your schedule. Beat the temptation to cheat yourself by incorporating others into your wellness routine. Exercising with friends or even with strangers in a group setting provides camaraderie and the extra push many need to put on their tennis shoes and get to the gym. There are many great benefits to working out in a group, including:

  1. Benefits of workout classesAccountability – It’s a lot harder to skip a Yoga class when it involves standing up a friend or the class instructor is expecting you to show up
  2. Structure – You know when and where you have to be to work out
  3. Motivation – You are more likely to stay on track with your fitness goals when you’re sharing them with others
  4. Support – Strength in numbers! Support is key and will most likely lead you to better results.
  5. Socializing – Meet a friend or make new friends! Working out is a great way to network and meet people with similar interests.

From cardio kickboxing to Yoga and Zumba, there are plenty of fun group fitness classes to join.  To get started, here are a few great Michigan gyms, health clubs and Yoga studios to check out:

These health clubs offer exclusive discounts for members of the Michigan Blues. Check out bcbsm.com/xtras for deals on your next group workout session!

So what are you waiting for? Hit the gym with a friend and have fun, while burning those holiday calories!

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