Laurie’s Healthy Blue Living Story: Living the life imagined

Shannon Paul

| 3 min read

Our Blue Care Network Healthy Blue Living program just turned 5! To celebrate the state’s first HMO plan that rewards customers for making better health choices, we’re profiling members like Laurie Renchik who knows a thing or two about investing wisely for your future. As a Certified Financial Planner at the Center for Financial Planning, Laurie understands that incorporating a holistic approach is essential to achieving ones goals. With this mindset, it’s no wonder that Laurie’s participation in Healthy Blue Living has yielded great returns.
Meet Laurie – “Live the life you have imagined”
Passionate about her career and life outside of work, the Henry David Thoreau quote above serves as Laurie’s personal philosophy. As a Healthy Blue Living member, setting goals and working toward them encourages Laurie to maintain a level of discipline and balance at home and at work that inspires her to live the life she imagines.
Like working towards any goal, the path isn’t always easy. One of the major challenges Laurie has overcome was a “weekend warrior” mentality where she would exercise in excess and eat healthier on the weekend in hopes of making up for the lack consistency in both areas during the week. Managing stress effectively has also been an obstacle. But, with the help of Healthy Blue Living, Laurie is now living life with more energy and an improved, overall sense of well being.
The impacts of Healthy Blue Living
Discussing key health metrics with her doctor during her annual visit has had the greatest impact on Laurie, prompting her to be more deliberate when envisioning what a “healthy lifestyle” means to her. Laurie’s vision now includes walking at least 30 minutes five to six days per week, lowering her BMI, eating healthier and making sure to keep her annual well check up appointment with her doctor.
Prior to becoming a Healthy Blue Living member, Laurie rated her health lifestyle as a five or six on a scale of 10. Due to her participation in Healthy Blue Living, Laurie now rates her health lifestyle as an eight or nine. This commitment and the results Laurie’s experienced continue to inspire others, among them her husband, friends, family and colleagues at work. In fact, Laurie supplements her leadership role in the workplace with Healthy Blue Living principles to support others. Watch the Center for Financial Planning in action here.
Long-term investments – The next five years
The same philosophy that applies to sound financial planning also applies to determining health goals and reaching them: actions taken today help ensure tomorrow’s wellbeing. “Just like financial planning, I not only have a four to five year plan for healthy living, but also a much longer term view of how I envision healthy behaviors,” reports Laurie. Her long term health goals include learning more about the negative impacts of stress on an otherwise healthy lifestyle as well as continuously refining a sense of balance throughout all aspects of her life and maintaining her nutrition and exercise activities.
Like Laurie, invest in your health today for long term results by visiting the Health Blue Living anniversary celebration page to make your pledge to improve your health.

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