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Summer is coming to an end, so now is the time to savor the sunny skies and enjoy a jam-packed day out with family and friends at the Detroit Zoo.
Concerts, races, attractions and wildlife make a trip to the zoo a great fit for all – and if you are a Healthy Blue Xtras member, you can receive discounts on your passes!
Come Prepared
It’s always smart to come prepared to the zoo. Bring these items with you to the zoo for a safe, fun day:
  • Sunscreen
  • Snacks – while there are refreshments served at the zoo, it is always a good idea to bring snacks or a picnic with you
  • Water
  • Hat to protect your face from the sun
  • Check out more information and safety tips here!
Zoo Events
The Detroit Zoo hosts various events throughout the summer months. There is something for everyone – activities geared toward families and toward those 21+! There are both family friendly and 21 and older bike safaris offered as a great way to get exercise and see the zoo exhibits. The zoo also offers a pet adoption day, a senior day and many more activities. Whether you want to switch it up for your next date night or want a fun, family activity – head to the zoo. Check out the events happening at the Detroit Zoo this summer!
Walk on the Wild Side
Kids of all ages (and adults too!) can enjoy the many exciting exhibits at the Detroit Zoo. From polar bears to zebras, you can see it all. When you make your next visit, you should also plan extra time to stroll over to these memorable attractions:
  • Detroit Zoo Carousel – A 36-foot custom-made carousel offers you the chance to spin on a sea lion or twirl on a T. rex!
  • Science on a Sphere – This global display projects simulations of the Earth, its atmosphere, oceans and land
  • Wild Adventure 3D/4D Theater – The first and only theater of its kind at any Michigan zoo!
  • Simulator Ride – Experience the country’s first zoo-based virtual reality voyage
  • Tauber Family Railroad – Serving nearly half a million passengers each year, this Detroit Zoo favorite is a must-do
  • Giraffe Encounter – Feed giraffes at eye level with an elevated viewing platform overlooking the giraffe habitat
The Detroit Zoo is open 362 days out of the year, and has many other activities and events that happen daily, so pick up your discounted ticket and plan for some fun in the sun!
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