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Take Advantage of the Extra Daylight – Become an Evening Exerciser

Working out in the morning is great if you want to get it out of the way early, but lots of people just don’t have the time before work (or are most definitely not a morning person). That’s where nighttime…



Doing the Same Workout All the Time? Why You Should Shake Things Up

Working out regularly is important for your overall health and well-being, but it’s easy to get stuck in a rut if you keep doing the same routine every time. By choosing to do one activity, whether it’s biking, walking or…



Your All-In-One Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

The next week tends to be anything but healthy—stressful family interactions, indulgent food and packed schedules that leave little time for healthy habits. We pulled together our best tips from our Pinterest page, giving you the healthiest holidays yet without…


The Secrets to Exercising Safely While Pregnant

If you’re pregnant, it is important to stay healthy, and a great way is through exercise. Staying fit throughout your pregnancy can minimize a lot of common pregnancy-related pain, boost mood and energy levels and prevent excessive weight gain. But…


Make Time for Your Health All Winter Long

During the holidays, the days get shorter, “to-do” lists get longer and exercise tends to find itself lower and lower on everyone’s list of priorities. Add in the harsh bite of cold winter weather and physical exercise may be erased…


Flaunt Your Holiday Spirit at Lansing’s Silver Bells 5K Run

Santa Claus is coming to Lansing this week, but don’t let that jolly old gift-giver outshine your holiday festiveness. The 31st annual Silver Bells in the City arrives in downtown Lansing on Friday, Nov. 20. The entire city glows during the…


Ten Songs to Pump Up Your Workout Playlist

Whether you’re lifting at the gym or hitting the trail for a run, music can be an essential part of any workout. Studies have shown music can help to reduce stress, boost mood and positively impact the cardiovascular system. In fact, a recent…


First Iceman Race? Do’s and Don’ts for a Great Experience 

The 26th annual Bell’s Iceman Cometh Challenge is sure to be a test of wills for the thousands of riders set to take on the 30-mile course from Kalkaska to Traverse City on Saturday, Nov. 7. If this is your…


Fall Couch Potato Health Hacks

In the midst of the change in season, it’s easy to ditch your healthy summer lifestyle for cozy options come cooler temperatures. Fall brings your favorite TV series and your sports team back on the big screen, which provides many…