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Let’s “Taco”-bout it: Easy Swaps to Make Taco Night Guilt Free

  Whether it’s Taco Tuesday at your house or a midnight run for fast-food tacos, we can all agree that this flavorful Latin meal is blissful. With their reputation for flavor and mouthwatering ingredients, you have to wonder how healthy tacos…


5 Reasons Why Therapy Can Be Good For You

  Diminishing the stigma surrounding mental health has come a long way, but many still mistakenly believe that therapy is saved solely for patients with severe mental illness. In the same way you do not need to be in poor…

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Free Detroit Riverfront Summer Events Roundup

The Detroit riverfront is one of the most exciting, fluid spaces in the city of Detroit. Whether you enjoy running or biking, fishing or sunbathing, yoga or tai chi; the riverfront has something for everyone! Along with annual events like…

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Simple, Healthy Eats to Pack for Your Next Picnic

  Do you ever feel extremely sluggish after family picnics? Too much potato salad, baked beans, and sugary soda can drain your energy. However, there’s no reason you can’t make some healthy food swaps and still enjoy those family outings! Since picnic season is…


Keepin’ it Green with Collard Greens: Making Soul Food the Healthy Way

  Southern soul food cuisine is one of the most comforting cuisines around. Composed of classic dishes such as cornbread, candied sweet potatoes, and grits, soul food has been a staple in many African-American homes for decades. Despite the reputation of comfort and good…



25 Reasons to Be Happy You Live in Michigan During the Summer

Michigan is a great place to live, work and play year-round, but summer truly brings out the best the state has to offer. From waterways to roadways, bare bluffs to bike paths, Michigan summers make our crisp falls and frigid…

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Meijer State Games of Michigan Celebrate Opening Ceremonies Tonight

Looking for a way to start the weekend inspired? Head to the opening ceremony of the Meijer State Games of Michigan Summer Games at Fifth Third Ballpark tonight at 7:30 p.m. The signature event of the West Michigan Sports Commission,…


Parents: Soda Isn’t the Only Drink That’s Unhealthy for Children

When asked to name a drink that’s packed with sugar, most people would instantly say soda. But while that’s correct, many parents may not realize that a can of cola isn’t the only beverage packed with sweeteners. And that misconception…

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Could Forgiveness Improve Your Health?

Carrying around mental baggage from past slights and grievances could literally be making you sick, according to Reverend Dr. Michael Barry. “A lot of us drag around a lot of stuff,” he said. Barry is an ordained pastor who joined…

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