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Brussels Sprouts: Get Your Kids to Love This Vegetable Villain

Parents routinely struggle with getting their kids to consume the recommended amount of daily vegetables. Little ones often stubbornly refuse to even taste the veggies placed in front of them, no matter how much you plead with them or promise…

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Partner Up for Big Results and Extra Fun

On some days, squeezing in a trip to the gym feels impossible. Whether you’re working to meet deadlines at work, shuffling kids to school or heading to the grocery store, there always seems to be an excuse to skip your…


A Brief History of American Football and Reasons We Love It

Football is arguably America’s favorite sport, but do you know how it got started and why it’s the powerhouse pastime it is today? Early American football has its origins in rugby football and soccer. The game evolved and eventually became…

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Exercising as You Age: Don’t Let These Myths Stop You

September is Healthy Aging Month, which means it’s a great time to examine the myths that may be holding older adults back from being as active as they could be. Just one out of four people between the ages of…


TEDxDetroit Preview: Bat Myths and Facts, and Why Bats Matter to Michigan

Of all of the things Michiganders have to appreciate about fall, bats probably don’t top the list for most people. But that’s exactly what Rob Mies and the Organization for Bat Conservation are hoping to change. An ecologist and field-researcher by training, Mies…

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Take Your Kids to this Saturday’s MSU Teddy Bear Picnic

For kids, the doctor’s office can be a scary place. Reducing fear of doctors, medical offices, and hospitals is all part of the goal of an event taking place this weekend in Lansing. The Teddy Bear Picnic at Michigan State…

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Find Your Focus: Meditation Centers in Michigan

With the change in weather, you may want to turn to your local meditation center or even an app. Meditation is a centuries-old practice that uses techniques like mindfulness and effortless presence to promote wellness in both your mind and…

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The Connection Between Positive Thinking and Health

When you hear that a friend or family member is facing a health problem, it’s common to react by encouraging him or her to stay positive. This piece of advice may seem general and not-so-helpful, but keeping an upbeat attitude…

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7 Easy (and Delicious!) Dishes You Can Make Using Cauliflower

Let’s be honest: Plain, steamed cauliflower is a dish few people actually look forward to eating. It’s kind of boring and a little bland. But don’t write it off quite yet! Cauliflower is actually an incredibly versatile veggie that can…