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No Gym? No Problem. Get in Cardio Without Leaving Home

Traveling for the holidays can be completely disruptive to your workout routine. You aren’t near your gym and there’s no guarantee there will be any exercise equipment where you’re staying. While you can strength train using just your body weight,…


Better-for-You Comfort Food

When the weather outside is frightful, comfort food—rich, filling and like mom used to make—can be especially delightful. But too much of it can lead to the not-so-comfortable feeling of a snug waistband. Make your favorite dishes healthier by swapping…


Preventing the Next Stroke

Jeanette was 46 when she was permanently disabled by a stroke. While blow drying her hair, she suddenly developed weakness in the left side of her face, arm and leg. Six weeks later, Jeanette was still unable to use or…

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Are You Eating Too Much Salt? Break Up With This Bad Habit

Even if you never sprinkle a drop of salt on your food, you’re still likely consuming more sodium than you should. Most Americans eat more than twice the American Heart Association’s (AHA) recommended amount of sodium per day, which is…


Mateen Cleaves and 1 Goal 1 Passion Give Hope for the Holidays in Flint

You may know Mateen Cleaves as a famed basketball player recognized for his athleticism at Michigan State University, the Detroit Pistons and beyond. But did you know that he also leads 1 Goal 1 Passion, a non-profit initiative aimed at bettering…

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The Flu Shot or Nasal Spray: Which is For You?

There is no sure-fire way to avoid getting the flu this winter, but it is possible to lower your risk. The best way to do that is to get the flu vaccine. While the CDC has recently announced that the…

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Listen Up: Why Your Ears Should Never Meet a Cotton Swab

If your first move after a shower is reaching for a cotton swab to clean your ears, you’re going to need to step away from the Q-tips. Ears are actually self-cleaning and inserting anything into the ear canal can cause…

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MHA Keystone HEN Recognized for Patient Safety Improvements

Last week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) acknowledged the MHA Keystone Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) for participation in the national Partnership for Patients initiative. Nationwide, more than 3,700 hospitals participated in this important, three-year national initiative to improve…

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13 Creative Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

We all know that getting kids to eat their fruits and veggies is not the easiest task. So, in order to get them to eat healthy snacks, sometimes you have to be creative. Here are 13 ways (and recipes) to…

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