Six Annoying Gym Behaviors to Break

As an active gym member, I avoid going during crowded times. To me, it seems the more people there are, the more bad gym behaviors tend to surface. Following proper etiquette might seem like a no-brainier when sharing a big…


Water, Water Everywhere … Be Sure to Wet Your Whistle

H2O: two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen.  This simple combination happens to be one of the most important substances for our health. It keeps our body humming. Every metabolic system in our body requires water to function properly.  Water protects…


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Best Total-Body Toning Moves: No Gym Membership Required

Sure you could do a strength training move that just works your biceps or your hamstrings, but why would you when instead you can do a move that strengthens multiple muscles from your head to your toes? Dynamic moves increase…



Macomb Dancer Prepares for UDA Nationals

Dance is a way to express yourself through movement, as well as build strength, stamina and endurance. Being on a dance team also teaches teamwork, growing together and creating a bond that lasts a lifetime. As the UDA National Dance Team Championship approaches, teams from all…



The Challenge with New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolutions

If you watch any amount of television, you’ve probably seen plenty of advertisements for foods, products, and plans to help you lose weight. We all fear the consequences of what we ate during the holidays, but in reality we really…


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Spend Less and Feel Your Best: Low Cost Gyms in Michigan

If you’re one of the many Michiganders focusing on improving your health this year, you might have considered getting a gym membership, then decided not to due to cost. While it’s true that some gyms can be costly, there are…



How To: 5-Minute Desk Exercises with Resistance Bands

With a busy schedule, finding time to exercise might be just another item to tack on the already impossibly long to-do list. Angelia Johnson, certified fitness coach and an executive assistant at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, knows that doesn’t have…



6 Hard “Core” Exercises to Get You Fitter in 2016

Stronger abs not only slim your waistline, but can also improve your posture, prevent lower back pain and help you breathe properly. But when it comes to getting your core in shape, there are a lot of different options (planks…



Cross Country Ski Trails You Won’t Want to Miss This Winter

While there hasn’t been a huge statewide snowstorm yet this winter, chances are there will be one soon. And that’s actually a good thing since a fresh coat of snow means the chance to head out and do some winter-specific…



Snowshoe-Making Class One Way to Celebrate an Active #MiShoeYear

Is 2016 going to be your year? The year you finally commit to being active for your health’s sake? The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to help. The agency is encouraging residents to make a New Year’s resolution…