How to Make a Seven Layer Mediterranean Dip

Photo credit: ImpromptuKitchen via Flickr (exact recipe not pictured)


  • Hummus – homemade or store bought
  • Labneh or plain Greek yogurt
  • 1-2 artichoke hearts, chopped
  • 2-4 tomatoes, de-seeded and chopped
  • ~2 Cucumbers, de-seeded and chopped
  • 1-2 cups Kalamata olives or black olives, de-seeded and chopped
  • 2-4 roasted red peppers, chopped
  • 6 oz. of feta cheese
  • Parsley, chopped

Seven Layer Mediterranean Dip

1. Layer hummus on the bottom of a square or rectangular dish.
2. Mix 2 ounces of feta cheese with 2 cups of Labneh or plain Greek yogurt. Then layer on top of hummus.
3. Then layer various chopped vegetables on top.
4. Serve with vegetables, pita chips or bread. Enjoy!



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