Adrenaline rushes that are pure Michigan

As much as we all love the relaxed beauty that is Michigan’s natural landscape, our state also houses plenty of activities for those who seek an adrenaline rush. From fun in the woods to the thrill of amusement parks, Michigan offers exciting experiences fit for anyone and everyone.

The team at A Healthier Michigan loves a good thrill ride and has recently taken on some of these heart-racing challenges. Here are some of the tried-and-true favorites mixed with new ideas to get your blood pumping:

  1. White water rafting- Michigan waterways and trails provide an action-packed afternoon of endurance and balance on fast-moving waters! This thrill is a major one though so remember that unless you’re an experienced rafter, it is important to go with a guide or risk getting lost or injured.    
  2. Outdoor adventure parks- Michigan boasts two recently developed adventure climbing parks in Frankenmouth and West Bloomfield. Both feature high ropes courses set in the forest complete with zip-lines, climbing challenges and various obstacles. If you want to get a feel from the climber’s perspective, check out some of our footage during the West Bloomfield park’s inaugural climb session.
  3. Theme parks- if you’re a west sider, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Michigan’s Adventure. The state’s most well recognized theme park features roller coasters, rides and a water park. It also hosts Shivering Timbers, Michigan’s longest and fastest wooden roller coaster, and Thunderhawk, Michigan’s first suspended looping roller coaster.
  4. Rock climbing- whether it’s out in the elements or indoors at an artificial wall, rock climbing is a fun way to exercise at great heights. Want to preview the experience? Watch the AHM team visit the Dearborn recreation center for an afternoon climb.
  5. Zip line- Michigan forests and hills make the perfect landscape for zip lines! Check out some critically acclaimed locations to experience the rush of flying and feel the wind in your face.  
  6. Unconventional races- Michigan continues to embrace unique running events throughout the year. From zombie runs to races that blast you with colorful chalk, an unconventional dash is another great way to get your heart racing.

New ideas are constantly being developed for adrenaline junkies in the great state of Michigan. Keep an eye out for opportunities that can pop up in and pass them on. What tops your list of Michigan adventures?

Photo credit: Camp Pinewood

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