10 Natural Habits of Happy People

Julie Bitely

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It’s easy to wonder: am I truly happy? Plenty of people bring this question to mind on a daily basis and those who can answer “yes” can often pinpoint what brings them joy.
There are several proven ways to bring mental peace and others that just seem to be a wise way of thought. Here are some we think are worth a try:
  1. Live in natural light – Serotonin, the brain hormone that makes us happier, is associated with the Vitamin D found in sunlight. Spend time outside, open window treatments and create open floor plans to increase your intake of natural light.
  1. Ask for advice- Mentorship and an openness to criticism can often lead to greater success and fewer repeated life mistakes.
  1. Be a hugger- Human touch, from handshakes to bear hugs, have been shown to reduce blood pressure, relieve pain and reduce anxiousness. Being affectionate can make you happier, less stressed and healthier.
  1. Disconnect sometimes- Being attached to your phone, a slave to email and addicted to binge watching television just isn’t healthy. Disconnecting from screens and artificial light makes you more aware of meaningful relationships and the ideas, not things, that make you truly happy.
  1. Ride bicycles- The widely perceived happiest country on the planet, Denmark, is often credited for being the happiest in part because of its bike friendliness. In Copenhagen, more than half of all residents bike to and from work. This improves not only the fitness, sustainability and wealth of the city, but is also said to expand the life expectancy of residents.
  1. Give thanks- Practicing gratitude is an easy way to know what you value in life and continue to receive things you treasure. Try out a gratitude journal or just being more expressive of your thankfulness when someone does something for you. They’ll likely reciprocate kindly.
  1. Exercise- By boosting endorphin product and lowering your depression risk, working up a sweat is great for you for you, body and soul.
  1. Travel, when you can- It’s not practical or healthy to travel constantly. But being able to look forward to a trip, explore a new place and take on new experiences brings many people joy.
  1. Make a bucket listThe happiest people continually pursue their goals and, when they meet them, there’s always a “next on the list”. A great bucket list continues the thrill of the chase and gives you something to constantly be excited about.
  1. Don’t dwell on the past- Leading psychiatrists say that being true to yourself and moving forward, not back, is the quickest route to happiness and a fulfilled life.
How do you stay happy and healthy? Tell us in the comments below!
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