Make Time For Yourself: You Deserve It!

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

What would you do if your supervisor informed you that you wouldn’t be able to take any breaks from work today, not even time for lunch? How would you feel if your supervisor simply stated that you don’t deserve any breaks because you’re supposed to work all day long without any time for yourself? And what would you say if this person told you that this will be happening every day from now on, because getting the work completed is much more important than you are?
The majority of us would never tolerate such treatment! Each employee in the workforce today realizes that work must be done, but they also know that every one of us needs some time to ourselves throughout the day. We all require that time so we can unwind for a few minutes and focus on something other than work. Our lunch break is necessary so we can recharge and have energy to get us through the rest of our workday. We deserve this time.
What about at home, do you deserve a break there too? Housework is endless, and, if you have children or own a pet, you might as well double the number of tasks. You deserve time to yourself when you’re at home, too – a short break at home is just as important as far as I’m concerned.
Things must be done at home in the same way things must be done at work. We need to learn to stop at home too. This is when you can dedicate time towards your good health, such as walking outdoors each day.

You Deserve Good Health

When you take time for yourself and go for a walk, I want you to feel that this is your time, something that can’t be taken away from you… basically the same way you feel at your place of employment. Own this time and use it wisely. Tie on those walking shoes and head outdoors for some fresh air and brisk exercise.
I know that there are many of you who feel as though the household tasks and chores are more important. Okay, I want you to think about something: Are clean dishes and a pile of folded laundry really more important than… oh, let’s say possibly preventing a heart attack or a stroke? I once thought so, as I never gave myself any time to exercise, but I always made the time to tend to household tasks.
I want you to think about something: If you have a heart attack sometime during the night and find yourself in a hospital bed tomorrow fighting for your life, would you honestly worry about those dishes? If you suffer a stroke that was caused by living an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle, will you lie there and think about how much laundry is piling up at home? I don’t think so. A close family member of mine had the unexpected heart attack. She didn’t take breaks at home either; a spotless house was more important.
I know that she did what any other person would do: wished that she would dedicated time every day towards her good health instead of constantly taking care of the dirty dishes, the laundry, and all the other tasks at home.
Those tasks can be done AFTER you take your break. You deserve time each day to set aside for your good health.
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