Feel happier and healthier in just five minutes

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get happier and healthier in just five minutes
We understand: Not every day is going to provide you with hours to go to the gym, cook a healthy meal from scratch, get a massage, meditate and spend quality time with your family. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on working out, eating well or reducing your stress. All you need is a few minutes to focus on you. To prove our point, here are five things you can do for yourself (and your health) in five minutes or less:
Take a few deep breaths. Close that office door or turn off the TV and close your eyes. Breathe in deeply through your nose (from your abdomen) and out through your mouth. This type of slow and steady breathing will lead to relaxation by slowing your heartbeat and lowering your blood pressure.
Make your bed. Creating an peaceful setting in your bedroom is a good start (and end) to your day. In fact, 71% of those who make their bed report they feel happy, exercise often and feel well rested. Straightening your sheets takes no time at all and starts the day off on the right foot.
Clean out a drawer. When you think about reorganizing your entire house, it can sound like a never-ending (or never-beginning) project. Why not break it up one drawer at a time? Next time you find yourself with five minutes, organize that sock drawer or clean out your junk drawer. Before you know it, every drawer in your house will be organized—making you feel less stressed.
Cut up your veggies. Have you even let a bag of celery or a head of broccoli go to waste because it wasn’t cut up and ready to go? Us, too! Dedicate five minutes every Sunday to chopping up your veggies for the week. Package them in individual grab-and-go containers and you’ll be more likely to go green with your snacks.
Sneak in some moves. Even just two free minutes is enough time to work your body. Check out our blog post on workouts you can squeeze into a commercial break and never claim you don’t have enough time to exercise again.
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