LaughFest: Sign Up for Sunday’s Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge

Julie Bitely

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If you happen to visit downtown Grand Rapids this Sunday, you might notice some rather odd behavior.
Beware of pirates and novice hula hoopers crossing your path. Listen for the sounds of music played on unconventional instruments and howls of laughter from people contorting themselves into strange positions. Oh, and definitely watch out for rubber chickens.
Something in the water? Nope, just teams taking part in LaughFest’s Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge. The free fun-filled competition will send teams of two or four people racing across downtown Grand Rapids, engaging in fun and exciting challenges that require quick thinking, fast action and lots of laughs. Designed for ages 12 and up, the event takes place March 15, with on-site registration beginning at noon at Grand Rapids Community College’s Ford Fieldhouse. Teams can register here.
“The Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge is just one of the great events that make up our 10-day festival,” said Joanne Roehm, festival director. “This is a great opportunity to team up with family, friends or coworkers for a great time. This adventure challenge is engaging and fun and that is what makes it so exciting.”
Clues will lead teams to various stations around downtown where they’ll be tasked with completing challenges. Organizers say you don’t have to be particularly athletic to take part, but you should come prepared to get silly.
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is sponsoring the family-friendly event. Although the challenge is free, all of the paid performances LaughFest brings to town throughout the 10-day festival benefit Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids.
“Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan has been a supporter of LaughFest since the beginning,” said Jeff Connolly, senior vice president, Large Group Business and president of West Michigan for Blue Cross.
“We’re excited to take on a larger role in this event especially because it is a fun, physical activity that brings families together while supporting Gilda’s Club’s mission – to provide cancer, grief and emotional health programs to those affected by cancer.”
Sign your team of two or four people up today to take part in the Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge. To learn more about Gilda’s Club, visit
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