Spook your guests with these healthy haunted party dishes

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I love Halloween and I love Pinterest!
Halloween is usually a holiday filled with candy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are so many wonderful healthy Halloween ideas that you can serve to your family and friends. I thought I would put some of them together that I found on Pinterest for easy Halloween party planning.
Jack O’Lantern Oranges – Have the kids draw faces on oranges or tangerines or even single serving mandarin orange cups.
Veggie Skeleton – Create a veggie tray with a variety of cut up vegetables that look like a skeleton. You can use the veggie dip as the face or “brain.” Or make it fun and interactive and have the kids create their own.
Jack O’Lantern Fruit/Vegetable Plate – You can also make a fruit or veggie plate with a variety of different produce. This also could be a contest for all the kids to participate in or something you make to serve.
Yummy Fingers – Make edible fingers with string cheese and green pepper bits as the fingernails or carrots and slivered almonds as the finger nails. Be sure to make it look more realistic by carving out lines in the cheese or carrots to look like knuckles.
Apple Mouth – Take two apple wedges to make a mouth and make teeth by sticking almond slivers into the apple as crooked teeth or marshmallows as a full mouth of teeth. You can use your favorite nut butter or caramel to help the teeth stay in place.
White Chocolate Covered Strawberry Ghosts or Pears – Dip some strawberries in white chocolate and then in milk or dark chocolate draw faces on the covered strawberry. You can do the same thing with a pear or any fruit you would like.
Spider Web or Mummy Mini Pizzas – Make mini pizzas on whole wheat bagels or English muffins and use the cheese to make it look like a spider web or a mummy’s head. Add other toppings to be the spider or mummy eyes.
Watermelon Brain – Carving and creativity is not just for pumpkins. You can carve your watermelon for Halloween fun. Depending on how good your carving skills are, you can try carving a face or a easier yet a brain. Take all the green rind off and leave the white part on the watermelon. From there carve squiggly lines into the watermelon, so the pink comes through to make it look like a brain.
Babybel Cheese Eyeballs – Take a Babybel cheese with the wax removed. Use raspberry or strawberry jelly or red food coloring to draw some blood vessels and then on the center place a thin slice of black olive on it.
Frozen hand – If you are having a Halloween party, this is a fun and simply haunting idea. Take a latex, powder-free glove and fill it with water. Freeze it and place in a punch bowl with your favorite blood red colored punch.
Enjoy these creative and fun Halloween treats. Do you have a favorite healthy Halloween treat?
Photo credit: Roads Less Traveled Photography and Mike Mozart via Flickr

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