10 Transformational Root Veggie Recipes You’ll Love

Julie Bitely

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Root veggies
Trying to eat with the seasons? It’s time for root vegetables to take the starring role on your plate. These nutritional powerhouses are plentiful right now and add a sweet and hearty twist to any meal. We dug up (sorry) these ten great recipes to get you started on a root vegetable tasting tour, that will show you how to infuse roots into breakfast, dinner, dessert, and more!
Shredded Root Vegetable PancakesVegetables for breakfast? Yes! Start the day right with these beet and carrot delights. Bacon and horseradish add a zesty kick, perfect for your next brunch menu.
Roasted Root Vegetable Hash: This versatile side would be equally delicious with morning eggs or an evening stew. Toss in the vegetables you already have in your pantry – mix up your favorite combo of parsnips, carrots, turnips, rutabagas, or potatoes, and chow.
Harissa Spiced Fall Veggie Pitas: This hearty lunch dish features sweet potatoes as a tempting pita filling. Harissa is traditionally used in North African cuisine, made from chili peppers, paprika, and olive oil – the perfect foil for sweet potatoes.
Shaved Root Vegetable Salad: A lighter take on root veggies, this salad would be great as a lunch main course or dinner starter. Beets, turnips, carrots, and radishes paired with vinaigrette dressing makes for a beautiful and crunchy presentation.
Roasted Carrot and Cumin PureeEarthy cumin and sweet roasted carrots pair perfectly as a side dish for lamb or chicken. This is an easy side dish you can make in no time, likely with ingredients you already have.
Maple Glazed Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes: Parsnips are slightly bitter when raw, but once roasted they have a wonderful, sweet flavor that pairs well with sweet potatoes, as in this dish. Add maple syrup and Dijon mustard to dress and this side is sure to please.
Root Vegetable Crisps: You won’t feel bad about eating these crisps as an in-between meal snack! Potatoes, turnips, and beets are transformed into crispy goodness with the help of pumpkin seeds, a little seasoning, and some grated Parmesan cheese. Yum!
Braised Short Ribs with Autumn Root Vegetable Puree: (Pictured) A simple vegetable puree makes an elegant landing for these melt-in-your mouth short ribs. Dinner is served!
Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables: My husband made this meal on a recent snow day and the whole family loved it, including our 20-month-old daughter. The chicken was delicious, and tender. The vegetables were cooked just right and the whole dish made for a warm and comforting meal on a cold night.
Luscious Beet Brownies: Can you eat your dessert and veggies too? Yes, yes you can, with these amazing-sounding beet brownies. Not a beet fan? Try it. After all, when has chocolate ever made anything taste worse?
Share your root veggie adventures in the comments, especially if you try any of these recipes. Let us know how it goes!
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