Want to have a younger appearance? Let me share a “youth illusion” secret with you

Jodi Davis

| 3 min read

I don’t know about you, but I have no desire to appear old anytime soon. Maybe I should rephrase that since my kids consider any person over the age of thirty old. Of course, I’d be completely happy to have the appearance of a woman who is a mere 30 years of age, but I have to be real. I’m NOT thirty. Yet I see no harm in wishing to look like a woman in her thirties instead of looking the age that I call old … which is appearing ANY age older than my most recent birthday-candle count. That’s not a desire I’ve ever had however. Well, not since the age of thirty anyway.
Okay, so how can a person create this little illusion and allow it to last more than the length of time it takes for a layer of makeup to fade away, thus revealing the real age underneath? I’ve looked up the answer for this several times and have found some advice that makes great sense like: get enough rest, stop smoking, drink plenty of waterreduce your stress level, eat plenty of fresh fruits and veggies, stay away from sugar (consuming sugar has been proven to create wrinkles) and moisturize your skin. Those are all great tips, but I’ve got to tell you that as wonderful as that advice is, there is one bit of advice that I have found to work a bit better than all of those things. Walking. Yes, daily walking really does the “youth illusion” trick!
You see, when we age we encounter a loss and breakdown of tissues within our body. Muscles start to shrink and our joints become stiffer. When we participate in daily physical activity, such as daily walking, it actually builds muscle tissue in our body. Walking helps keep the muscles toned and our joints stay limber. Basically, walking is about the closest thing that can compare to the fountain of youth! Don’t you love it? And there is more …
Walking gets you going and it works EVERY muscle in your body. When this happens, your face muscles work as well, thus demanding a fresh oxygen supply and the wrinkles start to slowly disappear and you can appear much younger looking! It works! It’s working for me, I’ve been walking at least 22 minutes every day since January 2001. Obviously I know my true age – but people have commented that they find my age hard to believe once they learn that all three of my kids have graduated high school! They assume that I can’t be “that” old. But I’m not “that old” really. And I don’t FEEL old at all!
I’ve heard these same comments from countless individuals in Michigan who have made walking part of their daily routine too. They LOOK younger, they FEEL younger and they all seem to adore the “youth illusion” that walking has created for them. Yes, I can honestly say it’s pretty close to taking a dip in the fountain of youth for only 20 or so minutes per day … athletic shoes and all!
So are you ready to take the “youth illusion” plunge also? That fountain is waiting for you …

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