LaughFest Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge a Hit for West Michigan Teams

Julie Bitely

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Things you might have overheard at Sunday’s Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge at LaughFest:
“Okay kids, why don’t you go over there and swordfight now.”
“My right foot can’t quite reach George Lopez.”
“I can’t hold on to this rubber chicken much longer!”
About 50 teams took part in the adventure challenge, which sent families, couples, and friends racing around downtown Grand Rapids searching for challenges at various landmarks based on clues. Completing the challenges – and having fun while doing so – meant big laughs and serious bonding time for all involved. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network sponsored the challenge.
A pirate ship challenge at the Grand Rapids Public Museum gave teams the chance to sink as many ping pong balls as they could in a set time period. Sword fighting with foam swords was encouraged after. A comedian Twister challenge in front of BCBSM headquarters meant parents and kids were tangled up trying to place hands and feet on the names of comedians written on the board. A rubber chicken relay with the iconic Calder sculpture as a backdrop meant participants carried a rubber chicken between their knees and transferred it to each other to cross the finish line. Blindfolded drawing, impromptu dance party, paper crown stacking, and a faux archery challenge were just a few of the other hilarious stops during the day.
Jared Eslick and Maggie Smith, both 21, accepted the challenge as a couple after reading about the event in the newspaper. The day, which included sunny skies and temperatures in the low 50s, made for a perfect date.
“It was a fun thing to do and it was such a beautiful day,” Smith said.
The Clark family team consisted of mom, Katie, and daughters Ellie, 14, and Anna, 12. Both girls attend Grandville Middle School.
Ellie Clark said drawing a portrait of her family members blindfolded was her favorite challenge because it required trusting her teammates. Katie Clark said spending the afternoon having fun with her daughters was a blast. Most weekends, you can find the family taking long-distance bike trips, so the challenge was a nice change of pace.
“It was a lot of fun,” Katie Clark said. “We’re a very active family.”
Team Martin, consisting of Allison and Joe Martin from Comstock Park, took first place in the overall team competition. Joe Martin said the couple has volunteered at many LaughFest events, so it was fun to take part in the challenge. The husband and wife team were “really surprised” to be the overall winner, as they got off to a slow start.
“Everyone was having a good time,” Joe Martin said. “It was a great experience.”
Did you compete in the adventure challenge? Tell us about your experience in the comments.
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