Fitness classes debunked: Are the new trends in workouts worth the hype?

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Many neighborhood gyms have been amping up their offerings with entertaining and effective fitness classes. Nothing wrong with putting a fun, new twist on your workout! But, with these new classes come unique names, which can often be tough to decipher on the spot. Instead of guessing, we’ve created a list of the newest fitness class crazes to hit Michigan. This list will help you have a better understanding of what you can expect the next time you sign up for a new class.
A fairly recent workout trend, ballet barre new has encouraged Michiganders to embrace their inner dancer and break a sweat. Pilates, yoga and dance are combined to provide a toning workout for the entire body. Instructors will individually help you conquer each move correctly, enabling you to achieve the very best results. If you’ve ever seen a ballerina’s body, you’ll understand why ballet barre is such a popular workout!
Adese solider! This workout may make you feel like you just stepped into an actual military training camp with intense workouts and trainers, but the instructors are more interested in helping you get fit with encouragement, rather than intimidation. Pushups, core work, lunges, planks are also common during this class. What a way to knock out a workout!
Mix it up with this fun, energetic class that will provide you with all the perks a traditional cardio workout, like running or biking, would have. High-intensity moves keep your heart rate up for short periods of time, but your feet are always moving!
Your traditional yoga class gets a warm weather shock during this heated twist. Elevating the temperature of the room allows for greater range of movement in your joints during the traditional downward dog and tree poses. As an added bonus, the heat also gives your muscles and heart more oxygen! But, be prepared to sweat when you try this workout. We highly recommend bringing plenty of water and a towel to place on your mat.
This infamous infomercial workout keeps your body moving in an effort to burn calories quickly. A typical interval-training workout is pushed to higher limits with increasingly faster movements. If you want amazing results, you have to give it your all, because you could end up burning more than 500-1000 calories!
Talk about an efficient workout! You get cardio, strength and core with an interval training workout class thanks to its fast-pace and combination of movements. Cardio and strength training exercises will keep your heart rate elevated for the duration of the class. A single circuit could contain jumping jacks, burpees, lunges and pushups before you get a short break and do it all over again.
You’ll find muscles you didn’t know existed in this full body workout class. The goal is to build lean muscle, which will speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories. Be prepared to use various equipment during this class including, hand weights, weighted barbells, medicine balls and more. Another perk of taking a class: if any of the equipment intimidates you, there’s an instructor on hand to show you proper use.
A version of the traditional yoga class, vinyasa literally translates to “breath-synchronized movement.” You will move through a series of poses that will be smooth and almost dance like. A strong breathing technique is easier during these sequences and allows for your mind and body to relax, and ultimately release energy throughout your entire body.
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