30-minute elliptical workouts

Kristin Coppens

| 1 min read

AHM Elliptical
Structuring your 30-minute elliptical workout depends somewhat on your focus and desired outcome, i.e. fat burning, core, total body, etc. Nevertheless, integrating intervals of changed steps within the 30-minute workout helps to prevent monotony and keeps the muscles aware.
Below are successful 30-minute elliptical workouts that target one or all of the desired focus areas. Each workout lists the time, resistance, and SPM or RPM (strides per minute or revolutions per minute). Tips and tricks to remember with all of these workouts are: if you want to focus on your backside more you can increase the incline, when trying to engage and strengthen your core you can let go of the handles as this will force your core to focus on balancing on the machine, and to work your backside and front focus on keeping your heels down.
You can find additional 30-minute elliptical workout plans here, here, and here.
What is your favorite way to incorporate an elliptical into your workout?

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