Holiday wreath sale for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

Kristin Coppens

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With those slight flurries and cold chills hitting a large number of Michigan regions already, the holidays are creeping towards us fast. With the holidays comes family fun, decorations and good deeds. Fulfill all three of those holiday staples with the Leading For Our Kids Wreath Sale benefiting Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids.
Leading For Our Kids (LFOK) is a fundraising committee in West Michigan comprised of young professionals, aged 45 and younger, who strive to gain professional experience in the health leadership field while advocating for children and their families. LFOK develops resources that save lives, keep children safe and healthy, restore good health, and advance new discoveries and practices associated with the care of children and their families.
Ryan Slusarzyk, Chair of LFOK, describes the organization as “uniquely comprised of individuals who are extremely connected in the community, but ultimately have a passion for helping children. All of the members involved have expansive networks and are dedicated to not only raising money for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, but also to awareness.” Slusarzyk adds that the target is a demographic that has not previously been involved in advocating efforts towards the hospital.
LFOK Chair, Ryan Slusarzyk, and Kick Back for Kids Chair, Kelli Jo Peltier
The LFOK Wreath Sale for Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital is in its 6th year and has averaged raising approximately $4,000 each year. In previous years, LFOK has held to a goal of selling 250 wreaths; however, this year they hope to sell at least 500 wreaths. Currently close to this year’s goal at approximately 400 wreaths, there’s still time to purchase your holiday wreath and aid in the fundraising efforts for the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The deadline for wreath sales is November 8th. Purchase a wreath for $25 to pick up at the “pick-up party” on December 1st, or $30 will deliver the wreath to your door (within a 25 mile radius). Provided by a local tree farm in Greenville, Michigan, wreaths are 22” – 24” in outside diameter, pre-decorated, and consist of a Scotch pine and Fraser fir mix.
The pick-up party will be held on December 1st from 12pm to 3pm at Grand Woods Lounge in downtown Grand Rapids. A family friendly event, the party gives the opportunity to mingle, support Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, and, ultimately, pick up your pre-purchased wreaths! Additionally, the Grand Woods Lounge will be donating a portion of their food and beverage sales throughout the event towards Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.
For more information on Leading For Our Kids and their initiatives, visit their Facebook page. To purchase a wreath for pick-up or delivery, you can order through the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital website. If you have any questions regarding the wreath sale, please contact Ryan Slusarzyk at [email protected]
What is your favorite way to spread holiday cheer in your community?
Photo credit: Leading For Our Kids

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