October 11, 2018

What is Stress?

Show Notes

On this episode, Chuck Gaidica welcomes Dr. Duane DiFranco, a board-certified psychiatrist, to discuss what is stress and how we can use it to motivate ourselves towards positive things.

“Stress is a very normal reaction. It’s something we were given to help us out and that strikes people as very strange.” – Dr. Duane DiFranco

In this episode of A Healthier Michigan Podcast, we explore:

  • The stress response (stressors) – fight or flight.
  • Why we need stress and how pain indicators can help us.
  • How substances such as caffeine and alcohol make it harder for us to deal with stress.
  • The components of stress:
    • Affective (emotional)
    • Cognitive (thoughts)
    • Behavioral (actions)
    • Physiological (bodily changes, muscle tension)