Well-BeingSeptember 20, 2018

Importance and Health Benefits of Social Interaction

Hanging with friends can equal more than just a good time. Discover the many health benefits of social interaction on A Healthier Michigan Podcast.

Well-BeingSeptember 13, 2018

Benefits of Journaling and The Positive Impact on Your Health

Rewiring our brain to be positive can help us clear our emotions of negativity. On this episode, we discuss gratitude and the health benefits of journaling.

Well-BeingSeptember 6, 2018

What Does Physical Well-being Mean?

The key to physical well-being is physical activity, good nutrition and practicing mindfulness. Listen for more tips on how to achieve physical well-being.

Well-BeingAugust 30, 2018

The Dimensions of Wellness, and What is Well-being?

Emotional, psychological and social well-being play important roles in our overall health. We explore the dimensions of wellness and explain well-being.