Exercise and FitnessSeptember 29, 2022

Why You Should Consider Low Impact Workouts

Can low impact workouts be just as effective as high impact workouts? We explore if it's possible to get similar results while being easier on our joints.

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Are You Doing These Stretches to Stay Flexible?

Flexibility shouldn’t be something we start to pay attention to the moment we notice limitations in our daily lives. Here's how to improve and maintain it.

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Do This to Keep Your Brain Healthy

We’ve all had moments where we've misplaced something and can't remember where it is. But is forgetfulness something we should be concerned about as we age?

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How Micro Habits Can Elevate Your Fitness Goals

When we try to introduce healthy habits, we go about it the wrong way by setting overly ambitious goals. Hear how you can set yourself up for success this year.