Exercise and FitnessLatest Episode  |  June 13, 2019

Hidden Gems to Hike in Michigan

Celebrate 100 years of Michigan’s state parks by exploring the open trail. Discover nature’s treasures, as well as the mental and physical benefits of hiking.

BonusJune 6, 2019

At the Agent Grand Slam Event

[Bonus Episode] Chuck Gaidica attends the Grand Slam Event in Traverse City and talks to agents about what they’re seeing in the health and wellness landscape.

BonusJune 4, 2019

Inside the Mackinac Policy Conference – Part 3

Wrapping his time at the Mackinac Policy Conference, Chuck Gaidica chats with attendees about health initiatives that are impacting the state of Michigan.

BonusJune 2, 2019

Inside the Mackinac Policy Conference – Part 2

Chuck Gaidica is back for another bonus episode to talk to conference attendees about their health journeys at the Mackinac Policy Conference.