Our Forrester Groundswell Awards Submission

Short description of this entry (What it is and how it works)

A Healthier Michigan is a community wellness blog sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan dedicated to providing  people throughout the state with information that helps them live better lives by making a connection between personal and community health.

Our featured bloggers include a dietitian, a health coach and a walking advocate from West Michigan who lost more than 150 pounds by walking and eating healthy every day. Blog posts share diet and exercise tips, ways to manage stress, wellness and community events around the state and health news.

A Healthier Michigan’s digital persona is extended through Twitter and Facebook, where followers get health tips, links to stories and answers to their health questions throughout the day.

How does this entry accomplish business or non-profit goals?
(Including numerical measures of value is recommended.)

As a non-profit health insurer in the state of Michigan, Blue Cross has a stake in the health and wellness of every resident in the state of Michigan and the success of its communities and businesses. We engage through the content on A Healthier Michigan to help champion good health and positive events in communities throughout the state.

We are building an audience on A Healthier Michigan through helpful content that builds trust with consumers and other stakeholders throughout the state, helps raise awareness for our wellness programs and other community initiatives.

The site just relaunched in January 2011. Since January, the site has experienced 287% growth in unique visitors as a result of fresh content and social interaction on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is A Healthier Michigan’s number one web traffic referrer (with the exception of BCBSM’s intranet), which helps expose more people to our positive presence, information about our products and other initiatives in an organic way.

We have also generated more than 900,000 ad impressions and 2,500 clicks where visitors can learn more about BCBSM products, services and other community health initiatives.

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