Healthier Big Game Recipes

Pizza, chips and dip and chicken wings are the top food choices for many Americans as they prepare for the big game. According to the National Chicken Council, about 1.42 billion chicken wings are consumed during the upcoming big game weekend. While it’s OK to enjoy these foods, it’s a good idea to offer plant-forward and less energy-dense options, as well. It makes eating healthy an easier and encourages guests to choose balance on their plate.

Healthier options for game day hosts go beyond the appetizers. Presenting water, sparkling water and low-sugar mocktails alongside the alcoholic and sweet beverages is a good idea to encourage balance. Guests will be reminded to hydrate throughout the evening and may just feel better the next day.

Not sure where to start on the appetizers? We’ve got you covered with two plant-forward, antioxidant- and protein-rich options:

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Shanthi Appelö is a registered dietitian and the health and wellness spokesperson at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. 


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