Bees in the D Supports and Protects Nature’s Biggest Heroes  

Bees often get a bad rap. Misinformation and myths have led many of us to believe that bees are scary or even dangerous. However, by educating those around us, we can counteract these stereotypes. This sentiment is one of Bees in the D’s main missions.   

Bees in the D is a nonprofit organization that works to educate metro Detroit on the importance of bee conservation.  Founded by Brian Peterson-Roest in 2016, Bees in the D’s mission as quoted by Brian is the “conservation and education of our pollinators!” The organization also works to protect bees from natural threats and man-made issues.   

Bees in the D has installed and maintains 220 beehives spread across 70 locations in five counties in Southeast Michigan. Its mission is to provide education on the conservation of Michigan’s pollinators as well as spread the generosity that originally kickstarted the organization.   

The effects of pollution, habitat destruction and global warming have unfortunately become some of the main causes of decline for many species of pollinators in recent years. One of the many victims of these environmental issues is bees. Across North America, honey bees alone are responsible for pollinating around 80% of flowering plants and over 130 types of fruits and veggies. Without honey bees, many of us would miss out on our favorite fruits and flowers native to Michigan.  

While these facts are rather stark, it is a reminder to educate those around you about the importance of conservation. This is exactly what Brian set out to do when he founded Bees in the D. Around six years ago, Brian attended an event about beekeeping to bring back to some knowledge to the students he teaches in Rochester. Brian “caught the bug” for beekeeping and soon after that, the nonprofit was born.   

One of the ways Bees in the D spreads this generosity is by supporting local businesses. They do this by selling some of their fresh honey in local markets and restaurants. While selling honey is not one of their main missions, supporting local businesses in Detroit is one of the many things Brian is passionate about.  

“Detroit takes care of Detroit,” Brian said.   

He is proud of the fact that the small organizations and grassroots efforts across the city come together to support each other for the greater mission of bolstering Detroit.   

Today, Bees in the D’s impact can be felt all throughout Michigan. With hives across Southeast Michigan, Bees in the D continues their mission of conservation as well as education.   

If you would like to learn more about bee conservation or keep up with Bees in the D’s latest projects, you can find them through their website: 

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