Exercises You Can Do Outdoors While Under a ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ Order

Recently, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a “Stay Home, Stay Safe” executive order as a measure to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. So, what does this mean? In a nutshell, this means that residents of Michigan may only travel for necessities, like picking up groceries or prescriptions – or going to work if deemed essential. What this also means is that gyms and non-essential social gatherings including workout classes or groups will remain prohibited and closed until the order is lifted. These measures are being taken to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Thankfully, this order does not mean you can’t get outside and exercise.  It only means that you must keep six feet of distance between yourself and others when outside.

Here are some ways you can get outside and move:

Walk: Walking has proven to be a great exercise with a low injury rate. Not only can walking lower blood pressure, BMI and cholesterol, it can lower your stress levels and improve memory.

Run: Believe it or not, running has been shown to strengthen your knees and joints. If you don’t have any preexisting injuries running shouldn’t hurt you. Running has shown to be a great exercise for weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight.

Bike: Biking or cycling is a great aerobic exercise that doesn’t put pressure on your joints. Benefits of biking can include improvements to balance, muscle building and stair climbing.

Hike: If you’re looking for an efficient, full-body workout, hiking is a great option. Hiking is known to strengthen your lower body as well as build strong core muscles. However, it is important to know how technical a trail is before you decide to explore.

Body weight workouts: There are also plenty of workouts that don’t require equipment that you can do outdoors. Want to try a HIIT workout while getting some fresh air? Grab your phone, laptop or tablet and follow along to one on YouTube. As with all exercise, remember to properly warm up and check with a trainer if you need advice on your technique. If you have any medical issues, check with your doctor before starting a new exercise regimen.

Any form of exercise can help lower stress and bring some normalcy back into your routine. And although we can go outside and get a workout in, it’s important to remember your surroundings to make sure you and others are in a safe environment.

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  1. Thank you for the great information. During this time and so much information about stay home stay safe it’s good to know that we can still be outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and walk, run etc. Great motivation!

  2. Good info during these trying times. The silver lining of this cloud is that its forcing us to simplify our lives and enjoy the outdoors more than ever.

    1. It’s important to focus on the positive right now. Exercise and sunshine make everything a little beter!
      – Julie

    1. You’re welcome, Matt! Hope you’re able to get outside for some exercise right now.
      – Julie

  3. Great reminder that we are not “stuck at home”. Get out there and use this time to improve your health!

  4. Been telling ppl that it is ok to be outdoors exercising and yet still keep “social distancing”. Just did 5 miles on the bike. Thank you for this article and validation!

    1. Glad you’ve been getting outside for fresh air and exercise, Brian! Do you have a favorite biking spot?
      – Julie

  5. Thanks for helping to dispel the myth of running being bad for your knees. For years, people have been under the impression that running is bad for your joints, when in fact, it is the exact opposite.

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