In a Rut? 12 Ways to Move Forward with Positivity

If you feel like you’re in a rut, setting personal goals can be a powerful way to shift your mindset and move forward. From creative outlets to health and wellness changes, there are plenty of ways to work on you. Here are our favorite ideas:

  • Engage in self-reflection. Take time to pause and reflect on your life. What have you accomplished this week? How did you feel after? This podcast on mindfulness can help you incorporate a feeling of zen into your everyday.
  • Have a DIY spa day. Create an at-home spa for yourself and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. We even have instructions for you. No one said self-care had to be hard!
  • Start a new hobby. Explore new activities. Perhaps you haven’t tried running or maybe baking is your secret passion, you won’t know unless you try!
  • De-clutter. If your office space or kitchen has been bugging you for a while, take time to get rid of unnecessary clutter. Here’s our how-to guide.
  • Start a journal. Journaling can be a de-stressor for some people. It helps invoke a sense of control and calmness in one’s life. Grab an old journal and start writing to center and ground yourself.
  • Make a new recipe. Cooking or baking a new dish can engage your senses and make you feel a sense of accomplishment. We have plenty of options for you. Check out all of our recipes here or try some of our favorites like Matcha Energy Bites or Banana Split Overnight Oats.
  • Try a new workout. You don’t need a gym to get fit, you just need a little motivation. You can have a dance party at home or go for a run to get some fresh air.
  • Read. They say that reading is a sure way to escape into a new world. Dive into a book that takes you away or check out titles related to improving your career or personal skills.
  • Stay connected. If you’re missing friends and family, try calling or setting up a video conference call to catch up. Friendship has been proven to strengthen the immune system and reduce stress, among other benefits.
  • Paint a picture. Painting has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Grab your paint brush and a piece of paper or a canvas and create your own masterpiece.
  • Get educated about good nutrition. You can catch up on our latest videos on all things health and nutrition-related.
  • Take a few minutes to simply relax. You can let your mind wander as you watch our aquarium relaxation video and stare at the wonders of the water.

How are you working on self-improvement? What have you found helpful?

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