Table Talks: Managing Mental Health

Nearly 44 million American adults experience mental illness every year.

Mental illness can impact everything from work to social lives. It is often viewed differently because it can not be physically seen.

Table Talk Guests
(left to right) Angela Moore, Jim Foster, Audrey Harvey and Dr. Dorothy Gotlib discuss mental health.

Audrey Harvey, vice president and CEO of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation, hosts the discussion surrounding mental health challenges, resources and ways to end the stigma. She was joined by Angela Moore, clinical mental health counselor and radio host at 910 Superstation, Jim Foster, director of regulatory operations at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Dr. Dorothy Gotlib, MD, mental health provider at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

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  1. Nice presentation. I have been involved with mental health for 33 years. My son was diagnosed with multiple mental health issues. I am involved with a council with mental health, that helps give ideas for our adults to improve their lifes.

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