5 Picturesque Places to Mountain Bike in Michigan

Did you know you can mountain bike in Michigan? You don’t need actual mountains to enjoy the recreational sport. The Great Lakes State has multiple trails that offer a unique and interesting riding experience.

Here are five great places to get started on your mountain biking goals in Michigan:

  • Copper Harbor Trails: Situated in the Upper Peninsula, Copper Harbor is currently ranked as one of the top 20 trails in the world. Just north of Houghton, its single-track spans a collective 35 miles. Riders can experience rocky ridges, expansive forests, bridges and boardwalks.
  • Boyne Mountain: A favorite for winter and summer excursions, Boyne Mountain keeps riders guessing. With more than 32 miles of trail, visitors can catch the downhill, or enjoy a scenic ride up a chairlift.
  • Novi Tree Farm: Great for intermediate or veteran riders, Novi Tree Farm is 10 miles of rugged, single-track trail. It features man-made rock gardens and log jumps, which allows riders to “catch some good air.” Novi Tree is also home to a kid-friendly mountain biking trail— the first of its kind in the state.
  • Aspen Park: Located in Gaylord, Aspen Park was developed in cooperation with the Northern Mid-Michigan Chapter of Michigan Mountain Biking Association (NMBA). The 5-mile single-track is a great entry point for beginners as it’s void of common technical additions like logs, rock gardens and roots.
  • Robinette’s Orchard: This 5-mile trail loops through one of Michigan’s most notable apple orchards. It boasts challenging climbs that make for a fun and eventful ride. Please note: Visitors are required to check-in at the Apple Haus to sign a waiver and submit payment.

Which mountain biking trail would you want to try out?

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Photo credit: Irene Laus

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