25 Ways to Treat Yourself

Work weeks can seem endless, and sometimes you need something to brighten up your day. There are so many small, inexpensive ways to treat yourself to get through the week, from good food to spending time with loved ones. You don’t have to spend a fortune or an entire day to do something good for yourself.

Discover some self-care ideas that won’t break the bank:

  1. Light candles and take a bubble bath
  2. Go to lunch or happy hour with coworkers
  3. Get your favorite drink from Starbucks – any fellow iced coffee lovers out there?
  4. Buy yourself flowers – Trader Joe’s has a great selection of inexpensive flowers!
  5. Try journaling
  6. Read a book
  7. Do something active you love – ride a bike or go hiking with a friend
  8. Schedule a workout class or just block off time for the gym
  9. Make your favorite meal for dinner
  10. Take a day off work if you can and hang out with a friend, your spouse or kids
  11. Get ice cream
  12. Give yourself a manicure
  13. Go for a walk during lunch
  14. Do something crafty
  15. Order carryout for dinner
  16. Organize your life – tidy your room and start using a calendar – being organized has been proven to reduce stress and depression
  17. Play with puppies at your local animal shelter
  18. Bring a treat to work for you and your coworkers to share – dark chocolate covered berries are a healthier, tasty option
  19. Enjoy a glass of wine one night
  20. Buy new makeup or lotion
  21. Go to Target and browse the dollar section
  22. Take some photos – photograph some flowers, your family or food
  23. If it’s nice out, have a backyard bonfire
  24. Watch a movie
  25. Buy a few magazines and relax on the couch

Putting yourself first can be hard but it isn’t selfish! Being kind to yourself and paying attention to your physical and mental health is vital to a happy life. Life is short, so do the things you love. What’s your favorite way to treat yourself during the week?

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