Do You Know the Importance of Immunizations for Your Family?

While the flu vaccine receives a lot of attention, it isn’t the only immunization you need to know about. There are many vaccinations that protect you and your loved ones from dangerous diseases, but you need to get the immunizations to see the benefits. Any time is the perfect time to brush up on the importance of getting vaccinated and keeping immunizations up-to-date.

  1. Immunizations can save your child’s life. Children may not like the discomfort and pain that comes from getting a shot, but it’s a safe and simple way to keep them healthy and, in some cases, save their lives. For example, immunizations help protect kids against 16 different diseases that have horrible effects or pose as potentially life threatening.
  2. Immunizations protect classmates and other families. From preschoolers to college students, immunizations are important for kids of all ages. In addition to protecting your own child, vaccines stop the spread of easily avoidable diseases and infections to your child’s friends, peers and loved ones. As of recently, there has been a measles outbreak around the country with 1,077 people being diagnosed — the most cases reported since 1992.
  3. Vaccinations have been proven to be safe and effective. You’ve probably heard some arguments from skeptics that vaccines are either ineffective or can cause health issues in children. Fortunately, vaccinations have been determined completely safe and unrelated to developmental disorders by the CDC.

Looking to stay informed and on schedule with vaccinations for your family? Check out our handy guide for immunization at every age. For more tips on keeping your family protected, explore these blogs:

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  1. I really like how you mention that immunizations can help protect others. Some people can not get immunizations for medical reasons and are very susceptible to diseases. It’s important to do all you can to make sure you don’t spread anything around. Are needed immunizations the same throughout the country, or do thy change based on location? Thanks for this information!

  2. I have had immunizations all my life, but was curious about the benefits they can have. I really like that they can actually save a child’s life. It’s nice that we have the ability to stop diseases from spreading, and even making them extinct.

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