Slow Cooker Pear and Pecan Quinoa Oatmeal

This warm, hearty breakfast will quickly become a family favorite.

Combining pears and cinnamon with the nutty tastes of quinoa and pecans, this sweet and savory oatmeal will satisfy taste buds and hunger all the way through lunchtime.

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• 1½ cups steel cut oats
• ½ cup uncooked quinoa, rinsed
• 3 pears of choice, cored and diced
• 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
• 1 tsp. ground ginger
• ½ cup pure maple syrup or honey
• 1 cup pecans, roughly chopped (optional to toast them before putting in slow cooker)
• 3 cups water
• 3 cups coconut water
• 2 cups unsweetened coconut milk or milk of choice
• extra pear slices, granola and/or pecans for garnish (optional)

Slow Cooker Pear and Pecan Quinoa Oatmeal

1. Spray a 6-qt. slow cooker with cooking spray or use a slow cooker liner.
2. Add in all the ingredients (except optional ingredients for garnish) and stir until combined.
3. Place the lid on tightly and set the slow cooker to cook for 5 hours on low and then let it sit for another hour or so on warm.
4. Give the oatmeal a couple stirs, garnish and serve hot. Enjoy!

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