Keep Kids Cool When the Weather Heats Up

One of the best things about being a kid is getting to spend your summer playing outside. But all that fun in the sun can result in an increased risk for health issues like sunburn and heat exhaustion. Children are even more susceptible to these conditions than adults since their bodies can overheat up to five times more quickly.

That doesn’t mean you need to keep your kids in air conditioning all summer long! Follow these steps to ensure your kids have a safe, fun time playing outside:

  • Know the warning signs. Dehydration is usually the first red flag that your child could be experiencing a heat-related illness. Pay attention if your child complains about having excessive thirst or feeling tired or dizzy.
  • Come prepared. Always make sure you bring plenty of cold water with you when you head out for a day of fun. And make your snacks super hydrating as well! Water-dense foods like watermelon and celery can help keep everyone hydrated.
  • Dress them properly. What your child wears while playing out in the sun is a critical part in preventing heat exhaustion. Lightweight and light-colored clothing helps reflect the heat and sunlight while wide-brim hats can block the sun’s rays from hitting their faces and necks. And, as always, don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Build in breaks. Your child’s chances of developing a heat-related illness increase the longer they’re outside. If it’s a hot day with high humidity, make sure to take breaks in the air conditioning so that everyone can cool down. If you’re not near a building, rest in a shaded area for a little while before going back to play.
  • Never leave them in the car alone. Heat illness isn’t always caused by playing outside—it can also happen when kids are left in the car by themselves. On a day when the temperature outside is 80 degrees, the interior of a car can heat up to 172 degrees. Never leave your child in the car alone when it’s hot out—even if you’re just running into a store.

Following these tips and keeping a close eye on your little one will help them stay safe while enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

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