Macomb Youth Scores Chance to Skate with the Detroit Red Wings

This Saturday, 12-year-old Sarah Myziuk of Macomb, Mich. will take the ice at Little Caesars Arena for a once-in-a-lifetime experience to skate with the Detroit Red Wings as winner of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s #MIKidsCan Youth Skater of the Game sweepstakes.

Sarah embodies everything that makes a #MIKidsCan champion. As a member of several hockey teams, she works hard to balance school, sports and also maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Recently selected to join the 12U Little Caesars Girls AAA hockey team, Sarah shared the ways she stays healthy on and off the ice.

“I always keep track of what I’m putting into my body,” says Sarah. “I try to avoid sugary foods, especially junk food. My parents help by making sure the house is stocked with healthy options, including one of my favoritesnacks – celery.”

Sarah Myziuk of Macomb, Mich.

When getting ready for a big game, her pregame ritual often includes a homemade, nutrient-packed fruit smoothie as well as healthy carbohydrates.

“Sarah is the one in the kitchen preparing her own meals before she heads out the door for practice or a game,” says Ann Myziuk, Sarah’s proud mom. “She knows what she needs to feel energized to perform her best and we encourage her to have that awareness about herself.”

“She knows what she needs to feel energized to perform her best and we encourage her to have that awareness about herself.”

In Sarah’s family, playing sports and being active have always been top priorities. Her inspiration for learning to skate and playing hockey comes from her father and older brother, who also played the sport growing up.

“I learned to skate when I was six and started playing hockey when I was seven,” says Sarah. “I’ve been thinking lately that I might want to be a professional hockey player when I grow up but I’m also interested in becoming a surgeon.”

After watching the Women’s National Team take gold at the Winter Olympics this year, she’s excited about what her future may hold in the sport. For her parents, they are proud that she stays active and has found a sport that she truly enjoys. Her dedication encourages the rest of the family to remain healthy together by playing basketball or even badminton in their free time.

Her advice to all the young athletes out there: “Try to always have fun, that’s how you’ll grow the most.”

Visit the #MIKidsCan page for information to help your family make healthy choices every day with kid-friendly recipes, activity ideas, upcoming events and future #MIKidsCan contests and sweepstakes.

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