Baseball is Back! Where to Find Healthy Food in Comerica Park

Our favorite baseball team is back in action this week at Comerica Park, participating in something many consider a national holiday: opening day.

While eating greasy hotdogs and fries smothered in cheese can feel like part of the fun of a day at the ballpark, there are actually lots of healthier options in the stadium. Here are some of the new offerings this year you can find in Comerica Park that hit a healthy home run:

  • Power Greens Salad: This is no sad iceberg mixture pretending to be a salad. Here you’ll find kohlrabi, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, golden beets, red cabbage, carrots and farro all topped with a poppy seed dressing. Grab and Go section
  • Buffalo Cauliflower: Vegetarians are usually stuck with few options at the ballpark, but not here. While buffalo cauliflower isn’t as healthy as, say, a salad, it still wins out over the more traditional deep-fried wings. Throughout the stadium
  • Caprese Salad: Cherry tomatoes and little balls of fresh mozzarella get tossed with a flavorful pesto and served alongside some balsamic vinegar. Grab and Go section
  • Burrito Bowls: This is everything you love about a burrito, like Spanish-style rice, corn-and-black-bean salsa and enchilada sauce, without the huge flour tortilla. Throughout the stadium

What if you want beer and a hot dog? Check out this video to find out if you can make those options more nutritious as well as other tricks for keeping your baseball outing healthy:

If baseball isn’t really your thing and you’d rather welcome the first warm days of spring by cracking open the grill, these blogs can give you some inspiration:


Photo credit: Kevin Ward

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