Change Your Mood By Changing Colors!

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is the historic practice of using specific hues to change your mental and emotional states. The belief is that by incorporating different shades into your clothing or living spaces, you can directly influence your emotions and behaviors. And it’s more powerful than you might think: Color has been shown to affect everything from your mood and spending habits to your office productivity and exercise routine.

While each person might behave differently when exposed to specific colors, here are some of the more common reactions:

  • Red: This color is associated with love, but it’s also seen as intense, exciting, and sometimes aggressive. Red is used to get your attention (that’s why it’s used for stop signs and fire alarms) and wearing it can make you feel more powerful and dominant.
  • Yellow and Orange: Warm colors like these often convey feelings of warmth and happiness. So if you’re feeling sad, put on something that’s bright yellow or orange!
  • Green: Green is heavily associated with nature, calling up thoughts of grass, trees, forests, and plants. This in turn creates a refreshing and calming effect. Green is also thought to be good for inspiring innovation, perfect for creative types.
  • Blue: Like the color green, blue has the power to make you feel calmer (it can even help reduce blood pressure and heart rate!). Being in a blue room can give you a better night’s sleep and having a blue office help you stay more productive throughout the day.
  • Black: Black is a color for the bold. It’s dramatic, mysterious, and can evoke feelings of elegance and luxury. Wearing this color may make you feel more secure, but it can also have a slightly deflating effect on you.
  • White: Some people may be drawn to white for its ability to make spaces feel clean and fresh, but be careful: White workspaces may feel sterile to some and have a negative effect on productivity.

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