December #MIKidsCan Champions of the Month

Maddox Guerrant and Vanessa Broughman, two fifth graders from Glencairn Elementary, were chosen to be our #MIKidsCan Champions of the Month for their dedication to helping others and demonstrating healthy habits in school through the student leadership team.

“I was interested in joining the student leadership team because I just really love coming to school and representing everything that we do,” Vanessa shared.

As for Maddox, it was about using her spare time to help fellow classmates.

“I love helping others, so whenever I have free time I’ll see if anyone around me needs anything,” she explains.

Glencairn, a Lansing Building Healthy Communities school, was given a variety of tools and resources to engage students and staff in healthy behaviors. Most recently, they have been utilizing the Step Up for School Wellness programming.

“One of the things we work on is replacing classroom snacks like cupcakes or cookies with fruits and vegetables,” Vanessa explained. “It’s important for everyone our age to be healthy so that we can grow up and live a happier, more active life,” Maddox added.

One of the opportunities that came through the Building Healthy Communities programming was a cart of new gym equipment. With this, Maddox and Vanessa help their teachers lead a jump rope club throughout the week.

“We take attendance for each of our lines and work on getting everyone ready for try-outs,” Maddox explained. “At the end of the year we have an event to perform the routines we’ve been practicing.”

Outside of the classroom, both Maddox and Vanessa stay busy with their own sports. For Vanessa, that means dance three days a week, while Maddox prefers gymnastics and basketball.

With middle school around the corner, both of these passionate 10-year-olds look forward to finding new ways to get involved and continue leading by example when it comes to healthy habits.

“We’re not sure what to expect, but it’s really exciting to be moving to a bigger school with new opportunities and people,” the girls agreed.

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Photo Credit: Lorraine Ware (feature), A Heathier Michigan (inset)

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