Want to Feel Less Holiday Stress? Be a Little Selfish!

On the surface, the holidays are all about peace, joy and feeling merry. But as they approach, the stress of shopping, gift-giving, house-cleaning, party-throwing and keeping up with everything else in your life can make for an especially hectic time. How about doing things a little different this year? While the holidays are obviously a time for giving thanks and being around loved ones, this season, decide you’re also going to give yourself a little something.

Researchers say a healthy amount of self-love increases feelings of well-being, fosters healthier relationships and relieves feelings of sadness and depression. In other words, being a little selfish is actually good for you! Here are some ways to put yourself first throughout the holidays:

  • Don’t say yes to every invitation. Instead of attending a party you really aren’t excited about, stay home and pick up that book you’ve been wanting to read or start a TV show series on your list.
  • Spend a lot less time shopping. Look for your gifts online this year instead of driving around to different stores, searching for parking spots and fighting crowds. Then use the extra time you saved by indulging in something you personally love, whether it’s doing your favorite hobby or simply relaxing with your feet up.
  • Put yourself on your list. Don’t just get presents for other people, buy yourself that one thing you’re dying to have. Find room in your gift budget by deciding not to do stocking stuffers this year—those little trinkets usually just end up forgotten about anyway.
  • Don’t try to be the hostess with the most-ess. Throw a super low-key holiday party for your loved ones—maybe where the activity is watching a classic movie—and ask each guest to bring a favorite dish instead of you cooking everything yourself.
  • Schedule a stay-cation. Do you have vacation days you never got around to using this year? Take one or two and have some bonus down-time at home.

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