Celebrate Cherry Season with These Recipes

With cherry season coming to an end, it’s time to take advantage of the many health benefits that come along with this fresh, summer fruit.

Michigan ranks as top producer in the nation for Montmorency tart cherries. In fact, 75 percent of these cherries are grown in Michigan! The best thing about this fruit is that they are great for baking, snacks, salads, sandwiches and just about every recipe you could imagine.

Cherries come with a long list of health benefits. They are rich with nutrients to help reduce the risk of cancer including antioxidants, dietary fiber and vitamin C. The melatonin found in tart cherries acts as a natural sleep aid by regulating your internal clock and sleep schedule. Cherries also have anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce arthritis and muscle pain.

Cherries are not only beneficial to helping fuel our bodies, but can help with maintaining a healthy appearance as well. Instead of looking for a magical, new skin cream, increase the intake of cherries in your diet. The fruit has been shown to reduce dark spots, help with anti-aging and rejuvenate skin from the vitamin A, B, C and E properties.

If you are unable to eat all your fresh cherries before they go bad, incorporate some of these delicious recipes into your meal plan. All ages will be pleased with the wide variety listed below and taste buds will be satisfied!

Breakfast Ideas
Entrée Recipes
Tasty Desserts


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