A New Kind of Tour: Kayak, Bike and Brew

Calling all lovers of biking, kayaking and craft beer. A new Traverse City company offers an exciting way for you to enjoy all three.

Kayak, Bike and Brew was inspired by the popular event Paddle for Pints, which has sold out every year since it began in 2014. The company offers tours every day of the week in Traverse City allowing locals and tourists to adventure through the beautiful city, while staying active through a unique outing. Participants tour the city on bikes and kayaks following along with a guide who shares information on the city and local breweries. The one-of-a-kind tour lasts approximately four hours.

Why Kayaking and Biking?

Kayaking and biking offer a variety of health benefits for your upper and lower body. Both are low-impact activities, which means there’s a reduced risk of wear and tear on joints and tissues. This makes both activities great ways to stay active for individuals of every age.

Biking has been shown to build muscles and improve everyday physical function, such as balance, walking and stair climbing. The aerobic workout helps to benefit the heart, brain and blood vessels. The movements involved with kayaking are proven to tone muscles not only in the upper body, but also in the core and legs. These aerobic exercises have also been associated with improved mental health through relaxation and sunshine from being outdoors.

What is Included?

Tickets can be purchased through the company’s website. Each ticket includes the guided tour, along with the bike and kayak rental among other fun add-ons. These include a drawstring bag backpack, a granola bar, sunglasses, stickers and two gift cards. Drinks are not included in the ticket price making individuals responsible for their own food and drink purchases.

Have you gone on a bike, kayak and brew tour? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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