Want To Be On A Boat? Make Your Aquatic Dreams Reality with Michigan Rentals

A new school year is on the horizon. The calendar is creeping closer to fall and the nights are starting to get cooler.

You might be cheering these developments, but if you’re desperately clinging to the last sultry rays of summer, we prescribe taking a spin on a boat.

Michigan has so many lakes and rivers to choose from and about as many ways for you to enjoy them via the watercraft of your choice. Here are some of our favorite ways for you to capture the ultimate summer selfie with wind in your hair and water all around.

  • Visit Your Local State Park. Boat rentals are available at more than 40 state parks. Choose from canoes, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, paddle boats, row boats and even hydro bikes.
  • Check Airbnb. Just as you’d browse here for deals on cozy out-of-town places to stay, Airbnb also has houseboats you can book right here in Michigan.
  • Go Fish. Gather up your like-minded friends and split the cost to charter a fishing boat on one of the Great Lakes. The Michigan Charter Boat Association has a helpful directory – just choose your nearest port and find a company and captain that fits your party’s needs.  
  • Sail Away. Rent small sailboats in the Traverse City area or search online for charter sailboat opportunities closer to you. The Michigan Sailing Club near Ann Arbor offers introductory sailboat rides on Saturdays with no reservations necessary.
  • Indulge Your Need for Speed. Rent a jet ski or power-boat in Holland, the eastern Upper Peninsula, or southeast Michigan.
  • Take it Slow. If you prefer a slower pace, check out one of Michigan’s many riverboats and book a cruise or tour. Just search online for the riverboat closest to you.

If you’re renting a boat that you’ll be operating, make sure you understand Michigan’s boating rules and regulations before you take off.

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