Midland Native Inspires New Be Greater Kids Adventure Event

Growing up in Midland, Greg Roan spent a significant amount of time at the Greater Midland Community Center. Whether it was shooting hoops or learning to swim, he credits the community center for the abundance of activities that kept him healthy and active throughout his youth.

Now fully grown and still a proud Midland resident, Greg hopes to provide the same experiences to Midland’s youth through his new family-oriented program: Be Greater Kids Adventure.

Greg was inspired to create this event through his own experience participating in a similar event in Grand Rapids.

“If you’ve ever heard of The Amazing Race, then you get the idea for this event,” said Roan. “A lot of times, events such as these are tailored to kids or adults. It’s hard to find a physically and mentally stimulating activity that the entire family can participate in. The Be Greater Kids Adventure is unique in that aspect. It gets everyone involved.”

The first Be Greater Kids Adventure event will include over twenty different challenge stations which test the physical and mental strength of participants. Upon the completion of these challenges, participants will earn points for their team and be able to advance along the adventure course.

The event, presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, will take place August 10 at the Greater Midland Community Center. It will also include a free picnic before and during the event, sponsored by the Greater Midland Community Center.

“It’s been a fun process seeing this idea come together,” said Roan. “Nothing compares to seeing the joy and excitement on a child’s face when they surpass their own expectations. I know this event will foster that same feeling within every family that participates.”

The Be Greater Kids Adventure is designed to foster teamwork skills and lifelong health and wellness values through its variety of activities.

For more information or to register to participate in the Be Greater Kids Adventure, visit greatermidland.org.

Photo Credit: Mike Miller, A Healthier Michigan

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