Six Ways to Maximize Productivity When You Work from Home

In this growing age of technology, working remotely has become a more common trend for businesses.

According to Forbes, 68 percent of U.S. workers expect to work remotely in the future. However, some companies still steer away from offering this option due to the potential decrease in work quality. Consider these tips to maximize your productivity next time you work from home:

  1. Get ready. If you’re like me, the first thing I do when I get home is throw on some sweat pants and a t-shirt. In fact, I often don’t change this level of comfort until I’m ready to leave my house again. Next time you work from home, try getting ready as if you were going into the office. This gets you out of comfort mode and into work mode.
  2. Keep all distracting technology at bay. For some, working with background noise is something that can increase focus. For others, technology can be a major distraction. Pay attention to your attention levels when working with background noise or other technologies. Decide what works for you. Does music aid your productivity and focus? If no, keep the TV off and your phone on silent (unless it’s your work phone, of course).
  3. Have a defined work space. Whether it’s your kitchen, home office, or the coffee shop down the street, having a defined work space is essential to working efficiently. Having a dedicated space trains your mind to associate it with productivity. It also allows you to get used to what’s going on around you and not be constantly distracted by a new space that you may want to tidy up or explore.
  4. Have a nanny for your children even if you’re home. Many of you might remember the viral video of Professor Robert Kelly being interviewed on live television by the BBC. Although completely hilarious, it’s a reminder that even when working from home, it’s okay to have a nanny, spouse or grandparent there to watch after your children in order for you to focus on your work.
  5. Pick and choose your meetings. Technology has made it easier than ever for you to collaborate with your colleagues from wherever you may be. This doesn’t mean that all collaborations should take place via phone, email or a shared document. Be sure to pick and choose which meetings are appropriate for remote collaboration, and which ones might require a face-to-face conversation.
  6. Keep a bullet journal. If you’re looking for a way to stay better organized and on-task, this could be the tool for you. A bullet journal, or BUJO, is a customizable organization system. By implementing an index, page numbers, specific topics and labeling your tasks based on priority level; you will be maximizing your productivity in no time. Bullet journals are helpful when your work life collides with your home life – they can help you keep track of everything all in one space.

Ultimately, every person is different and adapts to their working environments differently. Take time to learn your habits and what you need to do to stay on-task. If you often work from home, hopefully these tips will get the wheels turning for you to decide what aids you in working productively.

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