High-Tech Fitness: Area45 High Intensity Training

Located just off the highway in Troy, Mich., Area45 Fitness is a full-body, cardio, circuit training facility revolutionizing fitness with a fun environment.

The first of its kind in the Midwest, Area45 combines high-intensity interval training (similar to the Insanity workouts), with LED lighting and interactive floors. Decked out with lights and fast BPM songs, the workout is sure to tone from head to toe. Participants track their activity level throughout the 45-minute session. With a trainer to guide you through all eight stations, the workout is fun for you and the friends you’ll most likely bring along.

Area 45 Fitness wants to focus on resistance training mixed with cardio instead of your traditional fitness classes. This results in burning up to 1,000 calories in each 45-minute session. Using fun cardio moves, participants stay at each station for 40 seconds per set, taking a 15-second break before moving onto the next one. There are a total of eight different stations, rotating two more times before the class is concluded with a cool down session.

Classes use real-time performance trackers, most notable in the interactive wall where you do quick feet on two light pads to get the top score in the class. Area 45 also uses mood lighting to create an awesome environment for exercising. The red flashes as trainers encourage you to work hard, blue shines as you transition and take calming breaths, and the other colors just make it fun.

With each class participants improve reaction time, strength and endurance. Not only is this a fun and different workout experience, new members can also try a class for free.

Don’t be scared to come with your friends to try it out. Maybe this will become your forever workout.

Editor’s note: Members of the A Healthier Michigan team were provided a free workout class as part of this story.

Photo Credits: Courtesy Images/Area45

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