DIY: Home Spa Ideas to Relax and Rejuvenate

Approximately 48 percent of Americans feel that their personal and professional life is affected by stress. Although alarming, this number is hardly surprising.

Our days are consistently over scheduled on each end of the spectrum—from grocery shopping to work-related meetings; we hardly have a free minute to ourselves.

Therefore, it is important that we take time to de-stress and relax when possible.

Many people find peace and pampering through a trip to the spa. However, this isn’t always in our budget.

Here are a few DIY recipes to create a low-cost, high-impact spa day at home.

  1. Cucumber Eye Gel
  2. Homemade Sugar Scrub
  3. Honey Avocado Face Mask
  4. Citrus Foot Soak
  5. Avocado and Coconut Oil Hair Mask
  6. Ultra-Moisturizing Face and Body Lotion
  7. Essential Oils Kit
  8. Manicure Kit
  9. Lavender Bubble Bath
  10. Lush Inspired Bath Bomb

What do you do to pamper yourself at home? Share your best ideas in the comments!

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