7 Superfoods That Will Be Everywhere This Summer

Whether it’s a classic vegetable in an unexpected new color, a golden spice or a new way to drink green tea, these healthy food trends are springing up in more and more grocery stores and restaurants around Michigan. Here’s what they are and why they might be worth adding into your diet.

Matchagreen tea powderThis powder made from green tea leaves contains a concentrated amount of antioxidants, which makes it even better at helping prevent health conditions like heart disease and cancer. You can commonly find matcha mixed with hot water or milk at coffee shops, but you can also eat matcha in everything from guacamole to pistachio energy bites.
Raw cacao nibsa bowl filled with raw cacaoThese are basically little pieces of raw chocolate, but don’t think they’re going to taste like your favorite candy bar. There’s no sugar, which is why healthy eaters like them so much. They’re high in potassium and magnesium and add a crunchy, nutty element to homemade trail mix or yogurt.
Chlorophyllspinach leavesThis is what gives some plants their green color and you already eat it when you dine on dark green vegetables like spinach and kale. It may help you feel less hungry and assist with your weight loss efforts. Find chlorophyll in capsules, infused into water or in a pure form that you can add to almost anything.
Turmerica spoon filled with golden yellow turmericThis popular spice, typically found in Asian cuisines, is an antioxidant with protein, fiber and anti-inflammatory Try turmeric in curries or mixed into dishes like our Green Tea Turmeric Oatmeal recipe.
Hemp seedsa wooden spoon filled with and surrounded by hemp seedsThese tiny seeds pack a powerful punch. They’re loaded with omega-3s, fiber and essential amino acids. The best thing about hemp seeds is how easy they are to incorporate into salad, yogurt, oatmeal and more.
Avocado oila bowl filled with oil with half of an avocado next to itThis oil has loads of monounsaturated fats (the good kind!) without a lot of unhealthy saturated fat. Keep it in the refrigerator, then take out to drizzle over a finished dish or whisk into a salad dressing.
Purple veggiesa bunch of purple carrotsOur love of purple food continues! Purple carrots, purple potatoes, purple cauliflower—the latest veggie stars don’t only make your plate look pretty, but are also extra nutritious. That’s because fruits and veggies that have a blue or purple color contain anthocyanins, a powerful antioxidant.

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